With our solutions and know-how in the area of Multi-Project-Multi-Resource Scheduling and Management and operational excellence we strive for ultimate efficiency in our customer project execution efforts. We design and create our innovative and integrated solutions with the highest quality in a collaborative fashion with and for our customers.



The project business is a challenge in almost every organization – whether the project business is successful or not. The reasons being are the complexity of the projects and the risks associated with those. However, the complexity is only to a small extent based on technical aspects, but rather defined through the challenges around communication, coordination and optimal control of and between the single and multiple projects. As in other areas (e.g. ERP, MRP, etc.) there is no commercially available solution to efficiently manage and control multiple projects - other than standard project planning tools. This is specifically crucial, if you have to supervise and manage multiple different aspects and if these have a high level of interdependence.