Consulting – Based on Our Long-Term Experience

There is a clear trend in project management and execution towards more complex and towards larger projects with increasing integration requirements. Furthermore project businesses are faced with increasing margin and profit demands and at the same time with decreasing services rates. The resulting pressure and challenges posed upon your project and business management are overwhelming.

effect-it transitions and maps these requirements in concrete concepts and assists you to perform and manage the required change management and project system improvements. Our consulting expertise is based on more than 20 years of active experience in project management and professional services in both execution of projects as well as business management of a substantial project business. The effect-it management team has directly managed or overseen more than 400 projects with an overall sales of more than 250M€ (approx. 300M$). The know-how and expertise will greatly benefit your organization as we provide our consulting services to you and develop future strategies for your project business with a guaranteed success.